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Current Special: 50% Reduction on Membership Fee

The UST Group is a non profit organization that aims at enhancing the business opportunities for freelancers and small to medium organizations in the computer business.

Although the main business of the UST Group is the hight tech computer business, and there especially networking, the structure of the UST Group is such, that it equalizes or supersedes that of a large international organization, offering all services to its members that you would expect to find in one of the world leading firms, such as a 'legal department' a 'human resources department' an 'incentives programme', etc.

Membership to the UST Group gives access to these services in a modular way, as not two members have identical needs. And all this for a minimal membership fee that will be reimbursed by your normal day to day business and internal cost structures that only charge you for services that are directly linked to your business, making them virtually free.

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